Collection: Ancient Collection

 Jewelry influenced by imperial ancient empires & the crystals + jades that shaped trends & cultures within those ancient cultures. Our imperial collection draws influences from many ancient cultures, from jades influenced by the ancient songhai empire Of west Africa  , apep dragons of ancient Egypt , to the imperial dragons inspired by the ancient Qin dynasty of china.

All pieces go through an extra step of in-house gold plating to ensure they’re tarnish free!

Jade Grade: TYPE D & Imitation Jade for specific pendants! 

 We take pride in working with talented jewelers/ merchandisers/small manufacturers  from the cultures mentioned above & researching & educating ourselves on the meanings behind each item. As with all our cultural pieces, we ask that you please wear the pieces respectfully. 

FOR PENDANT ONLY OPTIONS DM US ON IG/TWITTER : @thejumabrand or email us We will give you the discounted price 🖤 (pendant only options are always available if the chain option is in stock)


Please allow 1-3 days for processing & fulfilling.
Items are shipped USPS First Class 2-5 day shipping.
NOTE: According to covid restrictions/delays may apply to some states.