Ancient Collection

 Jewelry influenced by imperial ancient empires & the crystals + jades that shaped trends & cultures within those ancient cultures. Our imperial collection draws influences from many ancient cultures, from jades influenced by the ancient songhai empire Of west Africa  , apep dragons of ancient Egypt , to the imperial dragons inspired by the ancient Qin dynasty of china.

All pieces go through an extra step of in-house gold plating to ensure they’re tarnish free!

Jade Grade: TYPE D & Imitation Jade for specific pendants! 

 We take pride in working with individual manufacturers      from the cultures mentioned above & researching on the meanings behind each item. As with all our cultural pieces, we ask that you please wear the pieces respectfully. 

FOR PENDANT ONLY OPTIONS DM US ON IG/TWITTER : @thejumabrand or email us We will give you the discounted price 🖤 (pendant only options are always available if the chain option is in stock)


Please allow 1-3 days for processing & fulfilling.
Items are shipped USPS First Class 2-5 day shipping.
NOTE: According to covid restrictions/delays may apply to some states.