Udjat Ankh necklace

Udjat Ankh necklace

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24k Gold Plated


Eye of Horus :

‘Udjat’ « the one who is whole » In Egyptian Mythology, the God Horus lost his left eye to his uncle and rival Seth. The eye was eventually restored by the Goddess Hathor, making Horus whole again. Therefore the Eye of Horus came to represent the process of healing and becoming whole again, often used for protection and to attract prosperity.


Ankhthe egyptian hieroglyph that means life, also called ‘Key of Life’ or ‘Cross of Life’. It symbolizes eternal life


24kt Gold Plated  | Tarnish-Free 
We customized this beautiful piece from an existing copper mould and added solid 24kt gold plating to ensure it is long lasting & tarnish-free.